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Biking at Loxahatchee / Riverbend Park

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Bike Loxahatchee

Hey Pedal Pushers! Come to Canoe Rentals at the Park for some great biking.

At the Park it's easy to spend a few hours or even an entire day riding the trails. We have fifteen miles of hard-packed shell trail on the east side of the Loxahatchee River and another two or three miles on the west, all for your enjoyment.

Your trip should start at Canoe Rentals at the Park where we can rent you a bike. 

From the Canoe Rentals parking lot, you'll enter the park via the trail head nearest to the canoe and kayak launch. Nearby is a chickee. No, not a small domestic bird, a chickee is the Cheek/Seminole word for a thatch-covered hut supported by posts. This chickee has maps and information on trails at the park.

Bike Loxahatchee Riverbend Park

The trail where the chickee is located is called the "Hunt Camp Trail", which will take you to Reeses Boulevard toward the back section of the park, some two miles away. Most all of the other biking trails meet up with Reeses Boulevard at some point.

Bikes are a good way to visit the park since you can get to several popular areas quickly and easily. You should make it a point to checkout the Farmstead or the Seminole Village. You are also only a few minutes away from Cow Pen Lake and the many picnic shelters that surround the shoreline.

Animals that you are likely to encounter include many different species of birds, raccoons, a bunch of squirrels, perhaps even deer or for early morning or late in the day riders, a bobcat. Watch for alligators near any place that has water.

Bike Loxahatchee Riverbend Park

 Park Biking Info

15 miles on east side of river,
2 to 3 miles on west side

Hard-packed shell rock, some pavement

Rental Bike Type:
Mostly single-speed beach cruisers. Good condition.

Start: Canoe Rentals at the Park.

Effort: Mostly flat, some trails exposed to sun

Adult: Half Day, $15.00                       Full Day, $30.00
Child:  Half Day, $ 8.00                       Full Day, $16.00

Above prices include 7% Florida sales tax.

A deposit of $100.00 per bike or credit card imprint required at check-in. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Please note:
Sorry, swimming in rivers/lakes/ ponds is not allowed.

From your bike you'll get a view of how Florida looked in years past. Other than convenient trails and the covered chickees, not much has changed at the Park. Some of the original Indian River orange groves still stand as they did a hundred years ago. The remains of a bridge built across the Loxahatchee River by the military in the 1800's is near the river walk.

Why don't you come out to the Park, grab a bike and spend the day exploring? You'll have a great time.

Your Safety and Helpful Tips for Biking at Riverbend Park:

1. It gets hot here. Be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and a helmet or hat.

2. Bring a few bottles of water.

3. Bring your cell phone for emergency calls.

4. The Park is a large park and it is possible to get temporarily lost, especially if you try to go off-trail. Don't do this. Follow route markers and check information kiosks for directions.

5. Watch for wildlife. Observe animals from a safe distance. Do not try to catch, pet or handle any wild animal.

6. We recommend you wear a helmet when biking. Florida law requires all riders 15 years of age and younger to wear a helmet.

7. Sorry, dogs not allowed at the Park.

8. Use common sense and have fun!

Bike Loxahatchee Beach Cruiser