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The Secret of the Park Boating

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Riverbend Park Boating

Do you enjoy paddling kayaks and canoes but not sure of where to go in Southeast Florida? Give the Loxahatchee River at the Park a try.

Your trip starts at Canoe Rentals at the Park. You can rent a canoe or kayak. If you need to keep your electronics or other items dry, we carry several lines of dry bags available in the shop.

Are you ready for a trip? Here's what you'll see: Leaving the launch site at the Park you'll paddle south toward Picnic Loop and pass a group of picnic shelters. Before long you'll see a bridge used by bikers and horses to cross the river. Just before the bridge on the left, you'll leave the river and enter a small marsh area that ties the Old River with East Slough.

Riverbend Park Boating

Paddling a short distance into the marsh is West Lake. Watch for Bald Eagles as several pair live here. This is a great place to fish for lunker bass. At the south end of the lake is Hunters Run, a meandering stream where you might spot some of our many wild turkeys. Look for the picnic areas for a place to take a nice break.

Riverbend Park Boating

South Pond is just ahead on your trip. This is a big marsh area with lots of birds and gators. After some exploring, return to Hunters Run and continue straight to Little Pond.

Riverbend Park Boating

 The Park Boating Info

Length: 5.5 Miles

Time: 2 to 3 hours, without picnic

Start: Canoe Rentals at the Park.

End: This is a loop trip, same as start.

Effort: Easy to moderate, great for kids!

Map: Download PDF or JPG

Single Kayak:  1/2 Day $35.00
                     Full Day, $45.00

Dbl Kay/Canoe: 1/2 Day $45.00                         Full Day, $55.00             

Above prices include 7% Florida sales tax.

A deposit of $100.00 per boat or credit card imprint required at check-in. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Please note:
This trip is available year around, however low water levels affect this area first. Please give us a call for water level.

Sorry, swimming in the river is not allowed.

Little Pond is home to several otters, which love frolicking in the water and will, on occasion, pose for photos. Back on Hunters Run watch for a female alligator that has a home here. Next stop is Cow Pen Lake. Here you'll see the largest picnic area on the route. The lake is a favorite for wildlife watching and you'll see plenty. Deer, geese, ducks, herons, ibis, roseate spoonbills, eagles and egrets - they're all here.

As you paddle East Slough you'll see river otter (check for them at Little Pond) or watch wild turkey cross the river as you make your way downstream. Deer are numerous and spotted on almost every trip. A herd of 100 or more call this place home. Birds of every kind can be seen during the trip. Of course you're likely to see a few 'gators too. Select a picnic area for lunch and maybe have a family of sand hill cranes come join you. 

After Little Pond, you'll pass through a culvert at the northwest side of the lake into Gator Slough and on to Old River Run. Carry your boat over the dam and paddle back toward the launch site on the river. It's a fantastic, wildlife filled trip.

Why don't you come out to the Park, rent a canoe or kayak and spend the day on the water? You'll have a great time.

Riverbend Park Boating